When I was a student at General Assembly, our biggest project involved teaming up with a local company to give a product of theirs (i.e. a website or app) the UX treatment. Mine was a career development and recruiting platform, and the company hired me off my team when the 3-week project ended.



The Client

For this project, myself and three other UX designers teamed up with, a new career development and recruiting platform. They aim to bring transparency into the marketplace and make it easier for NYC tech talent and startups to find each other. 

My Role

UX designer on a team of four and lead graphic designer.
I oversaw all visual design, created the wireframes and prototype, and was heavily involved in comparative and competitive analyses, solution ideation, creating user personas, constructing user surveys, conducting user interviews, heuristic evaluations, guiding users through usability testing, paper prototyping, and assembling final deliverables.

The Brief

We began this project with three main objectives: 
1. Make the process of onboarding and creating a profile more engaging.
2. Make one of the site's main interactive elements, the timeline, more attractive and intuitive to use.
3. Create incentives for users to fill out more of their profiles.          

Tools Used

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, whiteboards, dry erase markers, camera, lots of post-its, InVision

The Result

In this prototype, you can:

Go through the initial onboarding process, see your results on the timeline, add a new job, observe how that affects the timeline, hover over a job on the timeline to see how it affects the page, and view the improved dashboard.


The team was impressed with our work, and was happy to have our research and interview findings. After this project was completed, they hired me off our team to continue doing freelance UX and design work for them and consult in the implementation of some features my team had come up with.